High Precision Grinding Machines

G&N Genlanigkeits Maschinenbau Nürnberg GmbH

(Genauigkeits Maschinenbau Nuremberg) is a manufacturer of high precision surface grinding machines for machining of metals, ceramics, and semiconductor material like silicon, GaAs, sapphire and others.


MPS RC Vacuum

High precision grinding machine for grinding of non-ferrous material and semiconductor materials.


 MPS 2 R300 CV

Safe and easy grinding of semiconductor materials.


 MPS 2 R300 S

High precision surface grinding machine for grinding of silicon, quartz, ferrite and other materials.


 MPS 2 R400 CV

Roughing and finishing metals and difficult materials with high accuracy requirements in mass production.


 MPS 2 R400 CV Twin

Machining for grinding nonmagnetic materials in two grinding operations (Pre and Fine Grinding).