Pulse Analysis Spectro-Radiometer


For Measuring the Spectral Distribution of Pulsed Light
High-Speed, High-Precision Spectro-Radiometer ("Saikoh")
Model OKL-HSSR1300

The HSSR1300 is ideal for proving solar simulator compliance with IEC and JIS Standards. Solar simulators used for evaluating the performance of various types of solar cells must comply with the requirements of IEC 60904-9 (International Standard) or JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards). Verifying compliance is also extremely important since the measured output value must be proven to satisfy international standards.

Up until now, however, users of solar simulators have always had to accept manufacturers' compliance claims at face value. Recently, in order to shorten testing time and to save energy, pulsed solar simulators have come into wide use on production lines. The OKL-HSSR1300 was developed to provide a spectro-radiometer that can measure and evaluate the spectrum of pulsed light at both high precision and high speed.

Technical Specifications (PDF)

Spectro-Radiometer Model OKL-HSSR1300