YIS-HM SlipFinder - Crystal Slip Defect Detection     

Hologenix Inc.

The SlipFinder is a wafer surface inspection system for the detection of crystal slip (lattice) dislocations. The system's optical configuration is based on the original Magic Mirror method; a full-field defocused optical reflective imaging technique.

The system's high sensitivity and large field of view (15mm X 11mm) eliminates the subjective and tedious visual and microscope inspection methods. It provides a rapid "hands-off" slip inspection for in-line monitoring and production.

Common applications include:

• Epitaxial process control
• Rapid Thermal Processing (RTP, RTA)
• SOI wafer manufacturing
• High temperature diffusion processing
The SlipFinder is available in manual, semi-automated, or fully automated system configurations for 100 - 150mm, 150 - 200mm, or 300mm substrate sizes.

YIS-HM SlipfinderSystem Presentation (PDF)

YIS-300HM Slipfinder System Brochure (PDF) (300mm Wafers)