Pulse Solar Simulator for PV Modules

YDC's proprietary technology stitches 3 separate modules while maintaining high uniformity, better than 5%. This includes the edge frame area of each module that can block light from the light source. Uniformity is +/- 3% within illuminated area.

System Description

  • Effective Illumination Area: 900mm x 6000mm
  • Spectral Matching: Class A (IEC, JIS, ASTM)
  • Uniformity of Illumination Area:
  • +/- 3% for single module
  • +/- 5% for 3 modules (6000mm)
  • Stability: Class B (ASTM E927)
  • Flash Pulse Width: 10ms (flat zone measurement)
  • Lamp Life: > 500,000 pulses 

Solar Simulator Catalog for PV Cells (PDF)

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